Executive Minibus

We are able to offer various level of service. This ranges from Executive Minibus - Standard Minibus- Small minibus - Large Minibus or even full size Coach With airport the typical requirement would be passengers plus luggage. Here we would use larger Minibus.

Our gallery

Here is our top of range Mercedes V class for business user for traveling in small groups. 

This Luxurious Mercedes is ideal for traveling long distance or airport. 

Here is one of our Larger Minibus with a separate Boot space for luggage. This is a 16 seater plus 16 cases.

This minibus is very comfortable for traveling long distance.

typically used by business travellers or holiday makers  going to the airport.  

Mercedes SSS sometimes referred to as party bus is ideal for PROMS, Airports, conferences and much more. .  

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TA attending a cermony